How to Fertilize Orchids in Summer and High Temperature

For the majority of the world, summer begins in June. Orchids, or any plant, need different fertilization methods depending on the season. In summer, when the temperature is high, orchids need a special way to be fed.

Some studies showed that orchid seedlings grew more vigorously after using the summer fertilization method. Here, in this article, I will introduce to you this useful method that will help your orchids to grow beautifully during summer.

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Choose the Right Fertilizer

The proper fertilizer can make orchids grow quickly and be more able to resist the upcoming scorching heat. During high-temperature weather, you need to pay attention to a few details to avoid having problems fertilizing orchids.

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Fertilizing Orchids in Summer

Does Your Orchid Need to be Fertilized in Summer?

Before you do any move on your orchid in summer, you need to know that there are different types of orchids. Some need to be fertilized and others don’t.

So, the question is how to know if your orchid can be fertilized in summer? The answer is pretty simple. We need to know the purpose of fertilization first. The purpose is to allow the orchid to absorb, digest, and utilize the nutrients, otherwise, it’d be useless.

How to Fertilize Orchids in High Temperature

Natural orchids such as Cymbidium grow in areas with four seasons; winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The norm for this type of orchids is that in spring, they bloom, sprout, and slowly enter the growth stage of the year.

In summer, the majority of plants, including orchids, are in a vigorous growing period.

In autumn, orchids will slowly enter a state of convergence when the plant and the flower buds stop growing gradually.

In winter, the majority of the physiological functions of orchids are hidden. The plants will be in a defensive mode the entire season.

How to Fertilize Orchids in High Temperature

If your orchid is still very young, avoid fertilizing it during summer and keep it away from the direct sun rays.

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When to Fertilize Orchids in Summer

Since summer is a season when herbs become more prosperous, the nutrients consumed must be very large. Orchids, as well, need to be fertilized at the right time, which is June.

Under normal circumstances, we manage orchids before July, when the temperature in early summer is not very high, the fertilizer of the previous season will be replenished.

If the temperature is above 95° Fahrenheit (35° Celcius), it is recommended to not fertilize orchids because the working capacity of orchids will be greatly reduced. It does not matter if the fertilizer you’re using is foliage spray of a soil solution, it may not achieve the desired effect.

However, when the nutrient supply can’t keep up, it will inevitably affect the growth of orchids. So, Objectively speaking, orchids can be fertilized in July. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you’re late.

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I need to mention that if you live in an area where July is extremely hot, do not fertilize, please! This could lead to a rapid decline in the growth of the whole plant and eventually becomes weak.

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