Why Jasmine Leaves Turning Purple

Jasmines are perfect house plants. They gift us with beauty and fragrance. For that, we need to take good care of them. Sometimes plants change their leaves’ color asking for our attention.

As for jasmine, its leaves can turn purple, red, brown, white, or yellow. Each color indicates a specific issue.

Since you landed on this article, it might mean that your jasmine’s leaves turned purple and you want to know why and how to fix it.

In this article, I will introduce to you why your jasmine leaves are turning purple and how to treat and prevent it.

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Causes of Purple Leaves Of Jasmine

There are different factors to why jasmine leaves turn purple. One of the most popular causes is seasonality. Some jasmine varieties change color depending on the season.

If you notice that the leaves changed color at the end of summer towards fall, then this might be a natural phenomenon. In this case, I suggest giving it more time before you do anything to it.

Another cause is the leaves turn purple due to the anthocyanin not dissolving properly. Or it may be caused by a lack of water and fertilizer. In addition, soil alkalinity may also turn the leaves purple.

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Jasmine leaves purple
Credit: Lewis County

How to Treat Jasmine Purple Leaves

  • During the flowering period, jasmine tends to need a certain amount of water in the soil. Make sure to water your plant regularly without overwatering it.
  • Before flowering, you can choose to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. After that, you won’t need to fertilize again. 
  • Jasmine likes to grow in acidic soil. If the soil is alkaline, you can water the soil with ferrous sulfate to change the pH of the soil.

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In comparison to other leaves’ colors, purple leaves are the most peaceful. So, you shouldn’t worry much about it as it only needs a few simple tricks to treat it.

When we take good care of our jasmine plants, they reward us by releasing the most pleasant scent and making the area they are placed in look luxurious. It is totally worth it to give it your time and attention.

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