Reasons Why Money Tree Plant Leaves Are Pale -Treatment

The money tree plant, also known as the fortune tree plant, is very popular amongst plant lovers. Its scientific name is Pachira Aquatica. Some people know it as Malabar chestnut or Saba nut.

Money tree plant not only has high ornamental value but also has a very good feng shui meaning. It is considered to be very spiritual. It is not difficult to cultivate and take care of it. However, in the process of maintenance, many owners encounter a situation where the plant’s leaves are pale and do not grow green.

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There are three reasons why your fortune tree plant’s leaves are growing light in color, light green. In this article, I will introduce to you these reasons and how to treat your gorgeous plant to look as healthy as ever.

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1. The first cause is the most common one which is lack of light. This usually happens to plants grown indoors. A healthy growth of any plant requires sufficient sunlight and good photosynthesis.

When there is insufficient light, the new leaves will grow pale. In severe cases, the leaves will also wilt.

2. Second cause can be due to lack of fertilizer. Plants, including money tree plants, cannot grow without nutrients. They all need to be fed just like us, we need food and water in order to survive.

This normally happens to potted plants where the source of nutrients is limited.

causes of pale leaves on money tree plant / fortune tree

3. Third cause, and last, is related to the root system. You might start to notice that the new leaves are growing light in color when you have recently moved your plant from one pot to another or planted it in your garden.

Repotting fortune tree plants affects the root system. When repotting, your plant grows by relying on the nutrients of its main trunk. When enough buds are grown, the root system can absorb water, and the leaves will appear light in color.

When we re-pot the plant, we damage some root parts. Overwatering and unventilated soil will also damage the roots by causing rot root. Therefore, the root system will not be able to absorb any nutrients.

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1. It is necessary to enhance the sunlight exposure of the fortune tree. However, in summer maintenance, it is important to avoid exposing it to the sun at noon as much as possible. Place it in a shaded when the temperature is too high.

Try to give it a glimpse of the soft light in the morning and afternoon. Otherwise, the edges of the leaves will become yellow and the tips dry up.

Why money tree plant leaves light green / fortune tree

2. Fertilizers are very important. We need to make sure the required elements are not missing. For money tree plants, I usually go with nitrogen-based fertilizers. They help the plant’s leaves to grow larger and darker in color. Additionally, nitrogen helps the plant to grow faster.

Another necessary element for the money tree to grow healthy is ferrous sulfate. Since this plant does not like alkaline soil, you need to apply ferrous sulfate at least once a month. If you skip this, your plant will turn yellow very quickly.


If you do not have ferrous sulfate, you can replace it with rice water. All you need to do is leave your rice in a bowl of water for a couple of hours. Then, use that water as a fertilizer for your precious money tree plant.

I need to note that the longer you leave the rice in the water, the better and more acidic it becomes.

3. If you suspect that your plant is suffering from root problems after repotting it, do not water it too often and avoid fertilizing. Water it only when the top inch of the soil is completely dry.

In addition, if your plant has rotten roots, soak them in mancozeb solution for around an hour. After that, replant them in new fresh soil.

After a couple of weeks, you can use fertilizer. When the new leaves start to grow, they will be pale and gradually turn green as they grow.

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Do you think the money tree plant, fortune tree, is difficult to grow? I know you do now after reading this article. But that is not the case. It is very easy to care for as long as it is placed in an area with sufficient light, breathable soil, and regularly fertilized.

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