Can too Much Water Kill your Plant?

Too much of anything can harm everything, right! If you drink more than 20 Liters every day, would your kidney be able to handle that amount? Of course not. That can cause some serious health issues. Same as any other living creature, including plants and trees.

Not knowing how much is too much water to hydrate your plants can be very stressful for both parts, you and your plants. When I was new to this plant world, I would always worry about when and how much should I water my first owned plants. I had absolutely no idea. I am not ashamed of failing on my first attempts at taking care of my plants, yet, it still saddens me the fact that I couldn’t save them at that time

Though, frankly, they gave me quite a lesson. I have learned that each plant is different from the other. For example, the Cactus watering schedule is not the same as herbs such as lemon basil.

However, watering your plants can be linked to the weather as well. Say, in winter, for example, plants don’t require much water. Whereas during summer, it needs frequent hydration.

Too much or too little watering will for sure ruin the organism of the plants’ cycle. This will damage your plant and eventually lead it to die.

There are quite a few questions I see frequently which are:

Why is Too Much Watering Harmful

Like any creature on this planet, plants also need to breathe. By saturating the soil with water, the air will not pass to the roots, and therefore; the roots will not be able to breathe. This will cause intense stress for the plants and will slowly cause wilt and some other effects; the plant will die. Once you notice the soil is blocking the air, make sure to act fast. Because as this process keeps going, it would get harder to cure.

Credit to: Ally Adams

How Much Is Too Much Watering

Many people think that overwatering is done by using only excessive amounts of water. They don’t know that even a small amount of water can be an exaggeration and ruin the whole system.

How to know if I Have Overwatered My Plant

  • When the soil takes a long time to absorb the water.
  • When the water forms a lake around your plant.
  • When the soil looks too compacted.
  • The tip of the leaves turns brown. Then the leaves start to wilt.
  • Very slow growth than usual.
  • Algae may start growing on the soil since algae are caused by extra moisture and humidity.

Normally you’d be able to know when to water your plants when the top inch or two is dry. You can test that by using your fingertip. If you stick your finger in and you can sense the soil is still moist, then give it another day or 2 until you water it again.

How To Save My Plant From Overwatering It

The first thing you should do once you have confirmed that your plant is suffering from overwatering is to switch the current soil with a new one. This, of course, if you have a potted plant.

However, if your plant is in the garden, then try to flip the soil over using a digging shovel or anything you think can help you turn the soil upside down. This will allow the oxygen to go in and the roots will finally be able to breathe again.

How to Water my Plant When I am Busy/Away

If you run a busy life and you always find yourself forgetting to water the plants. Or you just worry about how much you should water your plants, you can try self-watering pot or self-watering globes.

For Potted Plants

Self-watering pots and self-watering globes both be crafted at home by using plastic bottles, however; if you’re not a crafty person, you can purchase them in almost every nursery out there or on Amazon.

These two items, allegedly, keep the soil hydrated at all times. That makes them perfect for when you travel and have no one to take care of them.

For Garden Plants

If your plants are not potted, you can just take a big bottle of water. Make a small hole on the bottom, the hole must be big enough to drop at least 15 small drops of water each one minute. Place the bottle filled with water 8 inches (20cm) far from your plant. This should keep your plant moist and healthy.

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