Toxic Plants for Cockatiels

I love my pets and plants more than anything in this world. And one of my biggest satisfying achievements is when I see them both growing strong and healthy.

My 8 years old cockatiel, who goes by the name Calypso, is so precious to me. As a person who admires nature and animals, I love to see them both together. For that, I dug and asked many professionals about the safest plants for cockatiels and the most toxic ones.

Cockatiel’s origin is Australia. Australia is rich in different kinds of plants; toxic and nontoxic for different kinds of species. You’d think that the birds would know which is which, right? but not really. They can only recognize only a few toxic plants.

Toxic plants don’t necessarily mean that they are deadly. some toxic plants can only cause some side effects which are not really dangerous. However, I wouldn’t want to see my little bestie suffering in pain. For that, all the harmful plants are a must to be kept away from him.

I am also one who likes to decorate and keep my bird in a cage full of plants so that it wouldn’t feel empty to him. I also have a lot of house plants and whenever I let my bird hang out freely, he starts nibbling on them. And of course, that is a very normal behavior because they are curious by nature.

Not all toxic plants are deadly. Each one may cause a different side effect. however, that does not mean that it is okay to let our bird pets to nibble on them. always seek their health as a priority. Besides, you need to always watch your little birdy and survey their behaviors, poop, and physical state. in case you notice anything new and weird, you have to take your feathered friend to the vet RIGHT AWAY!

Here is a table of all the toxic plants which you may happen to have around in your house.

Aconite Alacia Amaryllis Andromeda Apricot
Arrowgrass Autumn Crocus Avocado Azalea Baneberry
Bean Plant Belladonna Bellyache Bush Bird of Paradise Black Locus
Bleeding Heart Boxwood Blue Flag Blue Bonnet Blue-Green Algae Bitter Almond
Bitter Root Buttercup Bracken Fern Broomcorn Buckeye
Black Bean Black Nightshade Boxelder Cabbage Caladium
Calla Lily Candelabra Tree Cardina Flower Castor Bean Cassava Manihot
Chalice Vine Cherry Leaves, Twigs, Seeds, Pits. Clover Coffee Plant Chestnut Tree
Chinaberry Chokecherry Christmas Candle Clematis Comfrey
Coral Plant Cowslip Cocklebur Corncockle Cottonseed
Creeping Indigo Crocus Crown Vetch Curly Dock Cycad
Daffodil Daphne Datura Delphinium Deathcamas
Dieffenbachia Dumb Cane Eggplant Elderberry Elephant Ear
Emerald Feather Ergot Eucalyptus European Spindletree Felt Plant
Ficus Fiddleneck Flowers From Bulbs Firethorn Flame Tree
Four O'Clocks Foxglove Ghostweed Giant Hogweed Glory Bean
Green Cestrum Ground Cherry Ground Mexican Hairy Vetch
Henbane Fly Heliotrope Hemlock Holly Honeysuckle
Horsetail Horse Chestnuts Horsenttle Hyacinth Hydrangea
Indian Licorice Indian Turnip Inkberry Iris Ivy
Jack-in-pulpit Jasmine Java Bean Japanese Privet Jerusalem Cherry
Jimsonweed Johnsongrass Juniper Kalanchoe Species Kalmia Species
Kidney Bean Lambsquarters Lantana Laurel Lilies
Lily of the Valley Lima Bean Lobelia Locoweed Longstalk
Lovelia Locoweed Lords Lupine Mandrake Mango Tree
Marijuana Marsh Marigold May Apple Meadow Mescal Bean
Milkweed Mistletoe Mock Orange Monkshood Morning Glory
Mountain Laurel Mushrooms Nardoo Narcissus Nettle
Nightshade Nutmeg Oak Tree Oleander Onion
Paradoxa Tree Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Peach Tree Pear Seeds Pencil Tree
Poeny Periwinkle Philodendron Pigweed Plum Tree
Physic Nut Poinsettia Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Pokeweed Poppy
Potato plant Pothos Private Hedge Prune Trees Purple Seabane
Pyracantha Ragwort Rangers Button Ranunculus Red Maple
Reed Canarygrass Rhubarb Leaves Rhododendron Rosary Peas Rubber Plant
Sabi Stra Sacred Bamboo Saffron Sago Palm Salvia Sandbox Tree
Scarlet Schefflera Shamrocks Showy Rattlebox Skink Cabbage
Snowdrop Sorrel Spindle Tree Spring Parsley Spurge
Star of Bethlehem Sudan Grass Summer Pheasant's Eye Sweet Pea Strychnine Tree
Tall Fescue Taro Thornapple Tobacco Tomato Plants
Toyon Trumpet Vines Tulips Umbrella Plant Vetch
Virginia Bower Coral Virginia Creeper Water Hemlock White Cedar Wild Radish
Wild Lettuce Wisteria Wormseed Mustard Yellow Starthistle Yew Taxus
Zamia Palms ****** ****** ****** ******

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