17 Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

Positivity is key to a happy life, yet, it is not always easy to bring it around you all the time. For that cause, I am here to tell you that plants can drastically help in creating a positive atmosphere in your home. The plants I listed below are to bring positive vibes, prosperity, and luck. all the plants mentioned below can be placed either in your house or your workplace.

  • Chinese Money Plant

This beautiful Chinese plant is called Pilea Peperomioides. It has many different nicknames such as Pancake Plant, UFO Plant, Lefse Plant, Mirror Glass Plant, Bender Plant, Silver Dollar, and Missionary Plant. However, the Chinese Money Plant is its most popular name. It has the Feng Shui money effect in attracting good fortune.

As the name clearly states, this plant is known to bring prosperity, good luck, and fortune to the owner. It is called the money plant because its leaves look like stacked coins. So not only this plant looks amazing, but it also gives great vibes and wealth. The Chinese Money Plant comes originally from the southwest of China.

When you take care of this plant properly, it is believed that its positive energy spreads greatly around your house. Once you purchase it, you need to put it in a central place where the light is of course in your home.

Fun fact about the Chinese Money Plant: If you put a coin in the soil of the pot, it will boost your money earnings. It is also used as an air purifier.

  • Lucky Bamboo

Surprisingly, this plant is actually not real Bamboo. It is called so because it resembles the Bamboo tree in terms of the wood shape. Its real name is Dracaena Sanderiana. This plant has great cleansing negative vibes abilities. Most people tend to put it in their workplace (office, shops…etc) because it brings economical wealth. The Lucky Bamboo plant is probably one of the easiest plants to take care of. It does not require much. You can either put it in a water large vase or put it in a soiled pot.

Even for the light, it doesn’t really need a great amount of it. But it also cannot stay in dark places for too long. It is great for decoration and improving your lifestyle. The Chinese people say that if you put the Lucky Bamboo plant in the East, it would improve your health condition. Whilst, If you put it in the South East, it would improve your wealth and prosperity.

Fun fact about the Lucky Bamboo plant: It is known to be the fastest-growing plant. And also, it is a natural air purifier, it helps to keep the environment always clean and fresh.

  • Peace Lily

This plant isn’t only romantically beautiful for house decorations, but also it is very spiritual. As the name clearly implies that it brings peace and serenity in any place it is put in. Keeping it around can reduce headaches and the risk of having asthma.

This spiritual plant can provide you with restful and peaceful sleep. So, it is really good to have in the bedroom if you suffer from stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep.

A fun fact about the Peace Lily plant: It absorbs acetone vapors such as nail polish removers and rubbing alcohol.

  • Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant has become greatly popular these last few years due to its many different benefits. It is known widely for its skin and hair benefits. But what most people don’t know is that it also brings luck and fortune to the owner. It cleanses the negative air and spread love and positivity.

Since the Aloe Vera is a cactus, it is really easy to handle. Even if you run a busy life, Aloe Vera only needs to be watered a couple of times a week during summer and twice a month during winter. However, it does need light. so, you have to make sure to put it in a bright place. I, personally, call it the miracle plant. I have around 5 Aloe vera plants around my house and they just make me feel deeply secure and at peace.

  • Basil

YES! Basil. What’s better than having a plant you can use in the kitchen to cook your favorite meals with, and also absorbs negative energies from your home? Great combo, isn’t it? Basil is very spiritual, its healing properties work best when placed in the north or northeast at your home. It is great for creating a positive atmosphere and prosperity in the house. It also adds a great flavor to the food, right?

Fun fact about Basil: It is an amazing herbal medicine; it is good for reducing oxidative stress. And also great as an essential oil.

  • Jade Plant

The Jade plant also has the Feng Shui money attracting effect as the Chinese Money Plant. Its Directions are to be put in the east if you’re looking for family harmony, health, success, scholarly pursuits. Put it in southeast locations if you’re looking for good fortune. And in west locations for creativity. Lastly, put it in northwest locations for the luck of mentors, teachers, and helpful people.

This plant blooms very beautiful pink flowers which can boost your mood and reduce the level of stress.

NOTE: According to the Feng Shui enthusiasts, the Jade plant cannot be kept in the bedroom or the bathroom

  • Jasmine

Not only do Jasmine flowers have a strong gorgeous smell, but it is also very spiritual as it brings peace and tranquility to the household. It is very powerful in strengthening the bond of relationships and creating a healthy atmosphere. Jasmine plant is mainly related to lifting up and brightening the heart.

Fun fact about Jasmine: It is considered a medicine for many illnesses. It helps with liver problems, diarrhea caused by abdominal pain, and reducing the level of stress.

  • Rubber Plant

As beautiful and leafy as this plant is, its big leaves are known to be negative energy absorbent. Those big roundish leaves reflect on the prosperity and the good fortune of the owner, Feng Shui states. This rubber plant is one of the very first plants I brought to my home. It just gives me instant relief every time I look at it. It does bring life back to your soul after having an exhausting, or rather, a bad day.

Fun fact about Rubber Plant: It has no allergy properties and requires very low maintenance.

It is also called  Rubber fig, Indian rubber bush, or Rubber bush. Its scientific name is Ficus Elastica

  • Potted Orchids

According to Feng Shui, Orchids represent feminine beauty and fertility. They also represent love, peace, clarity, and purity. This powerful beautiful plant brings joy and creates a strong relationship among the house members.

Orchids can kick out any house guest with bad intentions by making them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. It protects your home from evil. Yes, orchids are that powerful. It is a member of the top 4 infamous noble plants after all. So, we do expect it to be strong with great effects.

Fun fact about Potted Orchids: This soft-looking plant serves women. It gives them a charm of attractiveness. They also keep us, women, youthful in our minds and body. In addition to that, it absorbs CO2 at night which makes it perfect for a bedroom plant. Please get this plant at your home ladies!

  • Cactus

Cactus plants are widely known for their positive effects on house owners. This amazing plant protects the family member from any evil. It cleanses your home or workplace from any negative energy sent to you from humans, such as envy, and hatred. As its spikes are believed to be a spiritual shield for the owners.

Being a desert plant that literally grows in the most difficult conditions, makes it extremely inspiring and powerful. It helps with anxiety and productivity.

Fun fact about Cactus: It absorbs the house electronic devices’ electromagnetic energy. And we all know how electromagnetic waves are bad for our health, right? It truly is a wonderful plant which I absolutely adore.

  • Snake Plant

Unlike its name, “snake,” which usually symbolizes evil and bad spirits, this plant is purely angelic. Its scienctific name is Sansevieria Trifasciata. It has gained huge popularity in these recent years as a great indoor house plant. Its vibrant colors attract positivity and create joyful and a happy atmosphere.

Fun fact about the Snake Plant: It absorbs VOCs and particulate matter from your home keeping it clean and healthy.

  • Weeping Fig

Ficus Benjamina, also called Weeping Fig, is considered to be one of the very significant feng shui plants. It clears the air and brings good luck.

Fun fact about the Weeping Fig plant: It has one of the top removal rates for air toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene, and toluene.

  • Calatheas

Also known as the Peacock plant. Its beautiful mixed colors make it a great piece for decorating your home. It is believed that this plant does its spiritual work of cleaning the bad energy from its environment only during the day. At night, it rests.

Fun fact about the Calatheas plant: Its leaves close at night and open again in the daylight. This in particular makes some people believe that the Calatheas plant has feelings?

To see which plants have feelings and intelligence click here.

  • Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is very known to increase the level of focus and productivity. That leads the owner to wealth and prosperity. They are great for bringing positive vibes. I would highly recommend putting this plant in your workplace or office.

Fun fact about the Eucalyptus plant: It helps with the symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion. It is also used as a cream to eliminate joint and muscle pain.

  • Lavender

Lavender’s strong refreshing scent helps enormously in kicking stress out of your body and mind. Thus, an amazing stress relief plant. We often hear about how Lavender essential oil helps with relaxation and how drinking its tea is super healthy for the body, so imagine having the actual plant around you! pure prosperity and great home atmosphere I would say.

Fun fact about Lavender: Drinking lavender tea or smelling its scent promotes a night of better sleep. Lavender is one of those plants whose benefits are endless. You can read about them here.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is one of my absolute favorite plants. This plant does wonders, for real! But let us talk about its spiritual benefits for the owner. It fights anxiety, improves sleeping, brings joy and peace, enhances memory, brings good luck and good fortune, and boosts your mood positively. All that just by placing a rosemary plant near you at your home. If you’d ask me, I’d say there should be a law to have this plant in every household.

Rosemary is one of my absolute favorite plants. This plant does wonders, for real! But let us talk about its spiritual benefits for the owner. It fights anxiety, improves sleeping, brings joy and peace, enhances memory, brings good luck and good fortune, and boosts your mood positively. All that just by placing a rosemary plant near you at your home. If you’d ask me, I’d say there should be a law to have this plant in every household.

Fun fact about Rosemary: It makes a great essential oil, creates one of the best and most flavoring dishes of all time, works for hair growth, and lastly, it is amazing for your diet if you drink it as a tea.

  • Sage

Last but absolutely not least, Sage, or Salvia Officinalis. This plant empowers the owner by cleansing his/her aura from any anger, sadness, fear, and negative thoughts.

Fun fact about the Sage plant: It is used as a medical herb for healing. And also a culinary herb for cooking.


All the plants I mentioned above are spiritually powerful. They would be a great gift to give one of your loved ones. And also would be great if you buy some for your home. I think that plants play an essential role in our lives. Having them around the house should be a must. They are great with positive energy, cleansing the air from toxins, AND make your home look elegant and classy.

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