History And Meaning of Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most elegant flowers anyone can have in their garden. In addition to its beauty, it produces an addictive fragrance that will keep you feeling refreshed all the time.

It is incredible how a simple flower can fascinate us. Jasmine also has many different uses besides being a decorative ornamental plant.

In this article, I will introduce to you the history of jasmine and what is the meaning of jasmine flowers.

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Features of jasmine

Climbing jasmine evergreen plant is ideal for covering dry tree trunks and low pergolas. It doesn’t exceed 4m in height, so it’s one of the best options for planting in your garden.

The decision is completely up to you whether you want to keep it as a shrub or as a climber. Therefore, you can prune it whenever and however you like without any problems.

This is a plant that will not let you down, as its beautiful and delicate flowers also have a positive meaning.

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the Meaning of jasmine flowers

The meaning of jasmine flowers is positive

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The meaning of the jasmine flower goes back to the memory of the beautiful flower of Arabic origin. Ancient reports indicate that jasmine flowers are located in the lower Himalayas and on the banks of the Ganges, spreading to China and India. Jasmine plants can even be found all over Europe.

Flowers, in general, show signs of affection and love. For this reason, bridal bouquets are becoming more and more frequent with flowers. This is why jasmine is a very suitable flower to give to a loved one. Because jasmine is also a sign of humility, simplicity, and sociability.

Jasmine is not only suitable to be gifted to a loved one, but it also can be gifted to someone you want to congratulate on achieving something. Yellow jasmine is closely tied to professional success, so if you want to congratulate someone who has succeeded at work. So as you can see, Jasmine is more than a sufficient gift for anyone.

So whenever you need to give a flower to someone very special, or you are looking to decorate a corner with a simple but very decorative plant, Jasmine will make the right decision for you. You will additionally get to have an irresistible fragrance that comes along with it.

Jasmine History

Jasmine flowers are associated with elegance
Jasmine White Flower

The name jasmine was obtained by the formal method of naming species called Binomial nomenclature.

The meaning of jasmine comes from a combination of Arabic and Persian which holds the meaning of white flowers 

Jasmine is a very delicate flower with white, yellow, or petals (depending on the variety) and looks very simple and elegant. The sweet perfume that comes from within it has an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect, and aphrodisiac characteristics.

For this reason, the meaning of jasmine flowers occupies an important space in Arab mythology. In this myth, a beautiful young girl named Jasmine is said to have used a large amount of veil to protect herself from the harmful sun rays in the desert. 

A prince from North Africa was fascinated by the story of this girl from the desert. His fascination grew more when people described her beauty to be unreal. He marched through the desert in search of her to find out if the woman was real. 

The prince found her walking between the dunes of the desert and was able to observe her graceful attitude.

The myth holds that she always covered her face, but he fell in love with her regardless like crazy. He, then, immediately proposed to her. Jasmine agreed to live in his palace and leave her desert. But over time, She realized that she doesn’t belong there. She felt like she lost her freedom when she left the desert. 

So one night she ran away on her horse and she returned to the desert to which she belonged. She opened her arms towards the sun and threw away all the veils that wrapped her. At that time, the sun is said to immortalize her in a beautiful flower known today as jasmine.

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The moral meaning of jasmine flowers

Jasmine has several meanings
Jasmine White Flower

The story above falls into the meaning of jasmine flowers. The moral of the story is that the flowers of the jasmine symbolize freedom. Additionally, it also tells us that we all have the right to be individual beings. However, the meaning of jasmine flowers does not stop at this interpretation.

For example, in India, this flower is considered sacred because it is a tribute to the god of love. It is used in the form of wreaths to give offerings to the deceased in marriage, meaning happiness, hope, and spirituality.

Another meaning of this flower is that it helps to harmonize the sensuality of the couple. It is said that it can help balance all the sexual energy transmitted to the couple over time in order to keep the flames of love alive.

The scent is delicate and evokes a demand for love, therefore; it is associated with a passionate desire. Some legends say that it facilitates the easy input of money to the person who calls it. Obviously, these are just legends, as there is no scientific basis.

Finally, this flower is considered magic because there are several extraordinary traits from the Himalayas from where it originated. All these stories are very popular with people who want to mark lasting memories with jasmine flower tattoos.

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