When & How to Replant Jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful plant that comes with an amazing fragrance. Many people like jasmine for its effective uses, decoration, and, of course, the scent. It is very popular globally. In this article, I will introduce to you when and how to replant your Jasmine.

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When to Replant Jasmine

As the jasmine plant grows, the roots wrap around in the pot, just like any other plant. The ratio of roots in the potted soil changes slowly as the plant grows until it reaches a point where there are more roots than soil. This means the amount of water-retaining material is less than when it was first planted. 

So by then, it’s time to water the jasmine plant and replant it in another bigger pot or onto the ground.

If you want to move your jasmine from the ground, the process can be a bit challenging but not impossible. That is because the roots have spread widely, and therefore, removing it can be a risk of cutting the roots.

The smaller the plant, the easier the process would be.

How to Replant Jasmine

1. Place the plant next to an old newspaper on the grass or any soft surface. Gently tap the sides and the bottom of the container. Then, turn your pot slightly downwards and keep tapping and squishing the pot gently. You can help the process by polling the stems of the jasmine carefully as well.

2. Once the plant is finally polled out, examine the roots. If you see black or dark brown debris, cut them off with a clean, sharp all-purpose knife or scissors. After that, loosen the roots by hand, untangle, and remove as much old potting soil as possible. 

3. Put fresh potting soil in a container with holes at the bottom that is 2 inches larger than the previous one. Place your jasmine into the new pot and water it well.

4. If you are planning to plant your jasmine directly on the ground, the process is very similar. Make a large hole in the ground and put some fresh new soil. Then place your plant and water it thoroughly.

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Jasmine Container Care

replanting jasmine

Once the plant settles in its new home, it becomes a bit more difficult to take care of the jasmine. Jasmine is a plant that loves bright places, but not in direct sunlight at noon.

Generally, when jasmine plants are repotted and moved indoors, their growth performance slows down. In some cases, the leaves start to fall.

Consider placing your jasmine in a well-lighted area where it can get at least 10 hours of light for the first week. After that, you can place it somewhere else where it can get 7-8 hours of light. But, I must mention that the more light, the better performance the plant does.

Jasmine is a tropical plant, so it likes the soil that is always moist but not wet. Make sure the soil does not dry out completely. Check the water level by sticking your finger in the potting soil. If it is dry about 0.5 inches below the surface, give the plant complete watering.

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