What Does Lily Flower Symbolize & Meaning

Lilies should be a common flower for everyone. They are often used as bouquets to gift our loved ones. Lilies are not only beautiful but also have a very beautiful strong fragrance, which makes a lot of people like them.

So what do you lilies mean? What do they symbolize? Allow me to give you the answer to these questions below.

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The Symbolism of Lily Flower

Ever since ancient times, people have been asking about the symbolism of the lily flower. For the Eastern countries, the answer has always been a hundred years of harmony and good luck.

When given a bouquet of lilies, this means that person wants to spend hundred years with you and grow old together in harmony.

However, for Western countries, lily flowers symbolize a kind of holiness. In Christianity, lilies symbolize purity, chastity, and innocence.

In ancient Roman mythology, lilies were born in the milky way of Juno, the patron saint of marriage and family. While in the Bible, the lily grew after tears of remorse and sadness fell to the ground by Eve, who was expelled from the garden of Eden.

Therefore, on Easter Day, the beautiful white flower is an indispensable flower in the decoration of the altar. It is also a flower dedicated to the virgin. Additionally, Jesus once held the flower of heaven, the lily, as a gift to the believers. So, it symbolizes loyalty as well.

It is also known that lilies symbolize women’s independence and self-improvement. That is because lilies tend to give people the sensation of serenity and quiet. Giving women lilies as a gift represents love, praise, and respect.

Let’s see in more detail the meaning and symbolism of lilies.

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Details of the Meaning and Symbolism of Lilies

1. Nobility and Chastity

There is a legend of a lily in foreign countries and in the old social fashion, a lily in a woman’s hand represents nobility and chastity, so people give the lily the meaning of nobility and chastity.

2. Women’s Independence

Lily climbs high on the stem, and the pure white color and soft corolla remind people of a beautiful and pure woman, so people often use lilies to symbolize sacred and pure girls.

The fresh and refined lily exudes a faint fragrance, like an intoxicating feminine fragrance, swaying in the wind like a graceful and beautiful lady.

3. Holiness and Blissfulness

In the West, others regard it as a holy and auspicious flower. In the first thousand years of AD, the decoration on the top of the temple of Solomon, the king of Israel, was a lily, so people regarded it as a holy and auspicious flower.

4. Elegance and Purity

Because of the elegant and pure appearance of the lily, the Catholic Church uses the lily as the symbol of the Virgin Mary. While the Vatican, France, and other countries use the lily as the national flower, so the lily also symbolizes elegance and purity.

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Why Are Lilies Perfect for Lovers

Giving a white or pink lily to a lover gives the feeling of purity and elegance. They are a great choice to give on Valentine’s Day because not only do they express a hundred years of harmony together, but also they mean the intention of spending a hundred years of purity and loyalty for hundred years.

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