Why Are Hibiscus Flower Buds Dropping- Reasons & Treatment

The Hibiscus flower is famous for its beautiful flowers blooming in all seasons. Its unique stamen adds a unique charm to it, which attracts many people to fall for it. There may be many problems when cultivating hibiscus at home; one of them is falling buds.

In this article, I will introduce to you the reasons why your hibiscus flower buds are falling.

Reasons The Hibiscus Flower Loses Its Buds

1. Insufficient nutrients

Generally, the reason why flower buds drop in summer is caused by insufficient nutrient supply. Summer is the most prosperous season for hibiscus flowers. If the supply of nutrients is insufficient, the buds will automatically fall.

2. Improper Watering

Watering your hibiscus flowers must be done regularly. If irrigation is not properly managed, it will affect the normal physiological function of the root system and affect the absorption of nutrients by the root system. This is also the reason why the hibiscus flower buds drop. 

Watering should not be too much or too little. The soil should be dry and wet. If you overwater your plant, it will also cause bud drop.

3. Improper change of Pots

Many gardeners know that a flower needs to be repotted at a certain time. If the root is full and the pot is not reported in time, it will affect the absorption function. This is one of the reasons why the hibiscus flower loses its buds. The situation can be repotted in the spring of the second year.

When repotting, part of the residual soil should be removed and replaced with fresh fertile soil, and appropriate pruning and pruning should be carried out after repotting.

4. Improper Fertilization

During the budding growth period of hibiscus, light liquid fertilizer should be applied every 7-10 days, preferably 1-2 times of fertilizer combined with nitrogen and phosphorus, which is very helpful to the growth and flowering of plants.

After the flower buds are formed, the fertilizer and water should be properly controlled. From June to October, the flowers will bloom continuously. During this period, phosphorus-based fertilizers should be applied once a month to prevent the germination of axillary buds on the branches of the current year, otherwise, secondary growth will occur.

I must note that when you over-fertilize after the blooming period, your flower buds will drop.

5. Insufficient Light

Hibiscus flower is a strong positive flower, and it is best placed outdoors in summer to receive direct sunlight. However, make sure when the temperature is too high to place it in a place where it can get only morning direct sunlight.

In winter, when you move your plant indoors, make sure to place it in a well-lit place.

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Other possible Factors to Cause Hibiscus buds to drop

1. Change in Temperature

Whether from heat to coldness or vice versa, a sudden change in temperature will trigger the plant to drop its flowers.

Preferably, place your hibiscus plant in a cool place with good ventilation. The high temperature might cause the buds to drop and the plant weakens

During winter, move your plant indoors to protect it from cold weather.

2. Pests & Insects

Infestations of pests and insects can cause the flowers to drop. Pests such as aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, whiteflies, and hibiscus beetles will cause the hibiscus blooms to drop.

The most common insect to lead to this phenomenon is thrips. Thrips feed on the flower which results in dropping its buds. You can get rid of this problem by using an insecticide, preferably an organic one.

Another common pest that leads the blooms to fall is gall midge. This insect lays eggs inside the buds which causes them to turn yellow and eventually drop. In this case, you can use an insecticide as well to get rid of this problem.

causes of hibiscus buds to fall

3. Humidity

Humidity is necessary for healthy growth of the hibiscus flowers. This usually affects dry areas, especially in summer when the weather is too hot.

In spring and summer, water should be sprayed on the plants and the surrounding ground every day. When the water pressure is too high, the flower buds will be washed away. It is best to use an atomizing sprayer.

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