Are Spider Plants Toxic to Birds -Parrots-Cockatiels-Budgies

As much as we care for our dear-to-heart pets, we know we have to keep them safe and healthy. If you are both, a plant lover and a pets lover, it can be a bit challenging for you to decorate your house or garden with any kind of plant you desire!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of toxic and poisonous plants for pets which we need to be careful of. Birds come from nature. They love plants, they love to pick on wood and leaves, or literally anything they find near them. So, placing a toxic plant near them can risk your baby bird’s health.

Spider plants are exotic plants. They are beautiful house plants for decoration, especially if you hang them on the wall. Spider plants are spiritual plants that bring positivity and prosperity to the household.

Are Spider Plants Toxic to Dogs and Cats

According to the ASPAC (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), spider plants are completely safe for dogs and cats as they are considered to be non-toxic plants. Good news, right! But are they safe for birds?

Are Spider Plants Toxic to Cockatiels

I have a sweet little cockatiel boy. Chewing and picking on things are his favorite hobbies. And as I love plants and have tons of them in my home and garden, I always have to keep a close eye on him and choose places where non-toxic plants are located and keep the toxic ones in different rooms away from him.

Spider plants are interesting to cockatiels, they are completely safe and not poisonous. Let your bird go wild with it while supervising them of course.

Are Spider Plants Toxic to Budgies

Their full name is budgerigars. These small cute little birdies are also called parakeets. Like any other bird pet, budgies are curious creatures. They, too, love to discover new things and pick on everything they find interesting.

Though, if you have a spider plant at home, I say let your parakeet play with it. My two baby birds love to jump and pick on it so much. Apparently, they have a thing for messy plants. Spider plants are not toxic to budgerigars so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Are Spider Plants Toxic to Cockatoos

There are more than 10 different cockatoos species out there. These very intelligent birds are classified as the most friendly birds to have as pets. They are active and curious creatures. Cockatoos have almost a similar behavior as humans if I may say. They can decide what is harmful to them and what is good. This, indeed, helps the owner to take care of the bird very easily without any worries.

Spider plants are safe to put around any type of cockatoos you own. So you can place the plant near them with no worries.


We conclude that spider plants are animals friendly. They are safe to be near any pet as they don’t contain any poisonous elements. Now you can enjoy the plants around you and have your birds enjoy them as well.

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Other frequently asked questions include:

Can I Put Spider Plants in My Birdcage

Spider plants can grow to be quite large plants. They can take a lot of space in your birdcage which would disturb your bird’s movements. Additionally, spider plants have spikey leaves, so without supervision, your bird might get a blind eye inside the cage. Even if you have a large cage, let your bird move freely inside as much as possible providing large space.

Can My Bird Chew on My Spider Plant

Birds chew on almost everything. Including our clothes. So many of my favorite shirts have been ruined by my bird poking holes in them. Leaves can also be an attraction for birds to chew on. As mentioned previously, spider plants are safe, no poison is released. It is completely fine to let your birdies chew on them as long as they don’t let the spikes get too near their eyes.

Can Spider Plants Leaves Hurt My Bird

Yes, they can. Spider plants’ spikey leaves can touch your birds’ eyes if they weren’t being careful. This can cause partial blindness, injuries, or cuts.

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