Can Plants See?

The human mind is extremely curious. we tend to question everything and anything. Since I had a huge passion for plants ever since I was a child, and while growing up, I’d always ask myself these questions:
“Are plants able to see?”, “Do plants have feelings?“, “Can they hear?

And I know for sure I’m not the only one who has such questions. These questions might sound ridiculous to some people, but I genuinely have always wondered and searched about them. To know the answer to our question, there are two different perspectives you can look at, a scientific one and a spiritual one.

From a Scientific Point of View

The eyes are the main element that provides vision. And since plants do not have eyes or a visual system like humans and animals do. And therefore, they can’t see.

However, they do have the ability to perceive light and respond to it. This is possible due to specialized structures called photoreceptors, which are located throughout the plant’s body.

The most well-known photoreceptor is phytochrome, which is responsible for the plant’s ability to sense and respond to changes in the quality, intensity, and duration of light. Through this process, plants can regulate their growth, development, and reproduction, and also adjust to changes in their environment.

While some may interpret this as “seeing”, it is important to note that it is a different kind of sensory perception than visual perception in animals. This does not imply that plants have conscious awareness or a subjective experience of the world around them.

Therefore, while plants cannot see in the traditional sense, they only have the ability to sense and respond to light.

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can plants see
Photo by vadim kaipov

From a Spiritual Point of View

Some spiritual beliefs and practices do attribute consciousness or spiritual significance to plants. That includes the idea that they have a form of perception or awareness that goes beyond their physical attributes.

This belief is often associated with animism or panpsychism, which suggests that all living and non-living things possess a spiritual essence or consciousness.

I must mention that there is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs. Therefore, they are considered matters of faith or belief.

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