Is Jasmine Toxic To Birds, Hamsters, and Hedgehogs?

In order to own both, plants and pets, we need to be on the lookout for what is poisonous and what is safe to put around. Jasmine is a very popular plant. It is considered to be a great decorative plant, whether in your garden or in your home. Additionally, It has different varieties, and each variety has its own amazing fragrance.

Many pet owners do not consider their plants’ purchase and end up upsetting their pets’ health. In some severe cases, some pets cannot tolerate many plants and eventually die after chewing on poisonous plants.

Now, since there are different varieties, the question should be “Are all jasmine plants poisonous to birds, hamsters, and hedgehogs?” In this article, I will introduce to you what kinds of jasmines are harmful to your pets and which are the safe ones.

Table of Content

  1. Is Jasmine Toxic to Birds
  2. Is Jasmine Toxic to Hamsters
  3. Is Jasmine Toxic to Hedgehogs
  4. Conclusion

Is Jasmine Toxic to Birds

Let’s get this on the table first, birds are very curious creatures. They nibble and chew on nearly anything around them. As pet owners, it is our full duty to make sure to keep our birds safe from any danger.

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Is Jasmine Toxic To Cockatiels, Budgies, Cockatoos

Cockatiels, budgies, and cockatoos all belong to the parrots family. Their diet is quite similar. They can get very intense with chewing plants sometimes, however; they are very smart. The majority of them can tell which plant is toxic and which is safe.

However, in the case of my birds, one of my cockatiels is very picky and does not even come near any plant, unlike the other one which is always curious to chew on anything and everything.

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Now, birds are not like other pets, they are very sensitive and fragile. They react intensely toward toxic plants. As I mentioned earlier, jasmine has different varieties. Some are considered poisonous and harmful and others are completely safe.

Cape Jasmine (Gardenia Jasminoides)Non-toxicPlant
Carolina JasmineToxicPlant
Confederate JasmineNon-toxicPlant
Jasmine ToxicWood (perches/toys)
True JasmineNon-toxicPlant
False JasmineToxicPlant
Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasmine)Non-toxicPlant
Yellow Jasmine (Gelsemium)ToxicPlant
Toxic and Non-toxic jasmine plants to Parrots

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I must note that if your baby bird happened to nibble on your jasmine and started to have symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, please contact an avian asap!

Is Jasmine Toxic To Small Birds

Unlike bigger birds, pigeons, love birds, canaries, and the rest of the small birds, all types of jasmines can be harmful to them. Since they are extra sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend you allow your little birdies to come near any type of jasmine plant you own.

Is Jasmine Toxic To Hamsters

Photo by Doina Gavrilov

Hamsters can be sensitive toward many different plants, which is why it is always best to only feed them hamsters food. However, if you want your baby pet to enjoy other different plants such as jasmine, then it is ok as the jasmine flower is not listed on the toxic plants’ list.

That means, it is alright to feed your hamster only small amounts of jasmine flower, that is because feeding it in large amounts is harmful. They will have excessive side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea.

All in all, it is best to avoid offering jasmine flowers and leaves to your hamster as it can be risky, especially if your hamster is still a baby.

In the case of your pet digesting jasmine behind your back and then starting to have side effects and acting weird, contact your vet immediately.

Is Jasmine Toxic To Hedgehogs

Photo by Sierra NiCole Narvaeth

Hedgehogs are gardeners’ best friends. It feeds on slugs, snails, worms, caterpillars, larvae, and other insects that can sometimes ravage crops! Even though hedgies do not feed on plants much, they can be curious sometimes and eat some flowers. Now, the question is, are jasmine flowers safe for hedgehogs?

As mentioned before, there are many jasmine varieties, the one which is considered the safest is the night-blooming jasmine (yellow jasmine). The other ones are also safe, but when consumed in small quantities. So, a couple of jasmine flowers a week shouldn’t be harmful.


Our pets are our greatest responsibility along with plants. Yes! plants are very important and valuable. I consider my home garden as a child of mine that requires a lot of care and attention, similar to my beloved pets.

For that reason, plants should not be offered to pets randomly without first making sure that they are completely safe for them. Jasmine is one of those plants which have different types, some are safe and others are harmful and poisonous. We need to be careful.


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