Neem Tree Benefits- Why You Should Start Planting Neem Trees

The neem tree is full of benefits. It is a relatively tall deciduous tree that can reach 20 meters. The flowers of the neem tree are lavender and slightly fare relatively small but have a longer flowering period with a light lavender scent.

Its fruit is oval in shape, generally about one or two centimeters. Neem prefers a warm, well-lit environment and fertile soil. Let’s take a look at the benefits and functions of the neem tree and why you should plant this amazing tree in your garden!

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Neem Tree Basic Information

The neem tree is a plant native to India that has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. In the past, neem was used as a medicine in most Indian households. In recent years, it is also called a “miracle neem” because of its amazing effects.

Neem Tree Is Used As A Household Medicine

The neem tree is an extraordinary tree. Its leaves are the most complex leaves on earth. In addition, this miracle tree has over 130 different bioactive compounds making it the most complex tree on earth!

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1. Neem’s Anticancer Effects

neem trees are amazing! they have great health benefits

Neem has many incredible medicinal benefits. However, the most important one is that it kills cancer cells. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, but normally, they are disordered.

It’s not a problem if these cancer cells are just wandering around on their own. But the problem arises if they gather in one place. It’s like going from petty theft to organized crime, which is a serious problem.

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If you consume neem on a daily basis, it will keep the number of cancer cells in your body within a certain range so that they don’t combine to attack your system.

Important Note!

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any serious health issues, please consult your doctor before adding neem to your diet.

2. Antibacterial properties of neem

The world is full of bacteria, and so is the human body. There are more microbes in your body than you can imagine. Most of the bacteria are beneficial. Without them, we cannot digest our food.

In fact, we cannot survive without bacteria. But there are some bacteria that can lead to negative situations. Your body is constantly expending energy to manage these bacteria. If there are too many germs, you will feel weak because your immune system has to consume a lot of energy against them.

By taking neem internally as well as externally, you can keep these bacteria from overgrowing and your body doesn’t have to spend too much energy fighting them.

If you take a daily dose of neem, it will flush out troublesome bacteria from your gut so your colon can stay clean and free from any infection.

3. Neem helps with bad odor

neem has many different uses

Likewise, if there is an odor somewhere on your body, that means the bacteria are a little too active there. Most people have skin problems, but if you bathe with neem, your skin will be cleansed and radiant.

When you rub the neem mud on your body before taking a shower, let it dry for a while, and then wash it off with water. This will help sterilize the bacteria. Alternatively, you can soak a few neem leaves in water overnight and use this water to shower the next morning.

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4. Neem benefits During Yoga

On top of all the mentioned above, neem produces heat in the human body, which helps create an intense form of energy within the system. People may have different dominant constitutions – traditionally called Sheeta and Ushna (cold and hot)

The word close to “Sheeta” in English is “cold”. When your system starts to become “Sheeta”, the amount of mucus in your body will increase. Excess mucus in the system is associated with a variety of conditions, such as common colds, sinusitis, and more.

In hatha yoga, neem is especially important because it allows the body to lean slightly towards Ushna (heat). Ushna means you have excess “fuel”.

For Sadhaka (practitioners) who are going to explore uncharted territory, it is safer to carry a little more fuel for the needs of the system. You’ll want to keep the fire a little hotter than it normally needs to be. When your body is in a Sheeta state, you cannot be too active.

However, if you steer your body slightly towards the Ushna side, even if you travel, eat or drink, or come into contact with other things, this excess fire will burn to deal with these external influences. And that is why neem is great in this regard support. Who would have thought neem could be this great?

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Neem Trees Are Very Beneficial To The Environment

1. Windbreak and sand fixation

One of the main ecological functions of neem is to prevent wind and sand. Nowadays, many lands in the world are at risk of desertification. Neem trees have a high tolerance for drought.

When planting it on the edge of desertified land it can effectively protect soil and prevent the area from being desertified.

2. Evergreen

In addition to windbreak and sand fixation, it is also a good greening plant. Neem trees are suitable for planting in the mountains in dry and hot areas, playing the role of greening the hilltops and helping to solve the problem of forest shortages.

neem is amazing to plant for green landscapes

3. Natural Insecticidal effect

We can extract from its seeds, bark, and leaves a substance called azadirachtin. This substance is very effective in repelling insects which can affect more than 100 kinds of pests such as scale insects, aphids, and spider mites.

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The neem tree is full of benefits. It is, indeed, a miracle tree. It has been used for thousands of years as a medicine in India. You can eat the fresh leaves, use the dried leaves to make tea, or chew the twigs and use the sap to brush your teeth.

It still serves as a “village pharmacy” in rural India. In the United States, it is already used in various supplements and is also popular as an organic cosmetic. It is spreading all over the world.

Neem trees also have ecological functions such as windbreak and sand fixation, which can effectively prevent land desertification. Additionally, it is also a very good greening plant, which would be beneficial to plant in the mountains in hot and dry areas. 

Another important benefit of the neem tree is that it contains azadirachtin, which has a good effect on eliminating pests.

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